Introduction: TPR Rocket (Toilet Paper Roll Rocket)

This is something that little kids (Elementary School Age) loveeee to make! Especially since it combines arts and crafts and has a function as opposed to just being a decoration. It only takes about 5-15 minutes to complete, and all you will need for this project is:

2 Toilet Paper Rolls
1 Roll of Duck Tape (Preferably silver for a more futuristic look!)
and Scissors

Step 1: Anatomy- Base

Considering the basic anatomy of a rocket (Nose Cone: Top, Base: Middle, and Fins: Bottom) we will leave one full Toilet Paper Roll (TPR) for the base.

Step 2: Anatomy- Fins

The other Toilet Paper Roll (TPR) can be cut it half now. We will use one half to create the fins and the other half to later create the nose cone.

If you squish your TPR half in half and then cut it so you have two rectangles. Then you can cut those two triangles in half diagonally. This will give you four triangles which you can shape however you want to make your fins. Consider aerodynamics here and make sure that you have at least 3 fins. Use tape sparingly here, you want the posterior of the rocket to be lighter than the anterior.

Step 3: Anatomy- Nose Cone

With the last bit of TPR left, you can cut little slices in it so that when the slices are flared outward, it would look like a flower. However, instead of flaring the slices outward, push them inward so they create a cone shape. Now you can use tape to cover the entire nose cone. Make sure that there are no extra spaces that air can flow into when you throw your rocket. You can use as much tape here as you want (without wasting of course) because you will want the nose cone to be a tiny bit heavier than the posterior of your rocket. This will help create the spiral effect that you will see when you throw it.

Step 4: Wrapping It All Up!

Tape is vital to this project. A good sturdy tape will hold everything together and make your rocket last longer and fly farther. Be sure that all pieces are secure and there are no holes that will cause air pockets that will slow your rocket down. Consider aerodynamics when you are designing your rocket and making it look pretty. Also consider weight distribution and how it will land. A perfect rocket will always land right on it's nose cone.

Step 5: Take It for a Spin

When you throw your rocket, try to throw it like a football. You want a perfect spiral for the best results.

***Suggestions: Try challenging yourself by making a parachute for easier landings. Also try hitting targets on the ground for a fun little game***

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