Introduction: TV Armoire Modification

This project is a bit different from the ones I have seen here and other places on
the interweb. Most modifications show a TV armoire being converted into a new
item such as a bar or computer desk. Well you get the idea. I was in need of a
TV stand or cabinet that I could use with my 41" plasma. The prices on the new
particle board junk out there just didn't do it for me. Keep in mind that this
conversion is only one of millions of possibilities and just an idea. Your cabinet may
be a little different or a lot different. With a bit of planning and a sketch or two
(just to keep you on track), you can make an old armoire into a useful TV stand.
This is a good weekend project for anyone that can do a bit of woodworking.

Step 1:

Start by removing all doors, slides, drawer, hinges or anything else that may
get in the way of working. This is a good idea just to keep from damaging
any of the components that you will be reusing on your finished project.

Step 2:

At this point, just trying to get the cabinet in a position to
remove the top section at whatever height you choose.

Step 3:

I began by clamping a straight edge to the side of the
cabinet. I allowed extra to cut off later on a finish cut.
This was just to remove the bulky top and get it out
of the way. I made this cut with a sharp circular saw.
As you can see, I did not cut all the way through and
clamped the back edge to keep it stable. Flipped the
cabinet, made the second cut, then flipped to the back
and finished the remaining cuts with a hand saw.

Step 4:

Now that the top is out of the way, you can begin
to disassemble the upper section that you will use
to make your top. Decide and make your finish cuts
on each side for the final height. Mine had two cleats
already inside that worked perfect for the height I
was shooting for. I just measured and cut to the top
edge of the cleats on each side. This made a great
ledge for the top lid to sit on.

Step 5:

A few trim cuts on the top lid and set it in place
to begin to plan for the trim work. I had to
improvise a little by sanding some radius
on the trim edges due to some splintering
that happened from sawing. No problem.

Step 6:

After adding a few trim piece's that I ripped from the
left over top half and then rubbing on some stain
that I had, BAM.......There it is! I really like the way it
turned out. It is exactly the right height and size for
my bedroom. Thanks for looking at my project. Please leave some comments or feedback for this project. I would like to know what you think.