Introduction: TV Remote Jammer

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This is an Arduino controlled TV Remote jammer that comprises of an IR led that sends continuous impulses to the TV receiver. The TV receiver does not recognize the pulse and gets jammed.

Here are some cool jammers to check out if you wanna buy one.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials....

Here is the list of material that you need:

1.Sparkfun Arduino MINI pro

2.9v battery

3.9v battery clip

4.A small switch

5.A small box(optional)

6.Some jumper wires

Step 2: Arduino MINI Programming

We are going to use Arduino Uno to program our SPARKFUN arduino mini,the wiring can be seen in the image above.Go to the tools menu than click on the board and select "Arduino mini or mini pro",then select the port and then upload the program.REMOVE THE ARDUINO UNO'S IC BEFORE PROGRAMMING.

Step 3: The Arduino Program...

Copy paste the following program on Arduino IDE,


//This is a Daniyal Shamsi program in which an ir led is placed

//on pin 12 and is kept near tv,and it blocks the tv remote signals...

int irled = 12;

void setup() { pinMode(irled, OUTPUT);


void loop() {

digitalWrite(irled, HIGH);


digitalWrite(irled, LOW);



Step 4: Putting All Together...

Follow the schematic as shown in the picture....

Step 5: HOW TO USE...

Keep the reamote jammer near the tv(or hide it around,I suggest),switch it on and test it out,fool around people in your house.......


Firstly tried my hands on using Infrared technology,I was successful at my first shot,hope you liked this little Instructable,if so PLEASE VOTE OF ME,thanks to Instructables for creating this wonderful website,a special thanks to SPARKFUN for creating wonderful boards.So if you liked it pleeease throw a vote for me.......

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