Introduction: Table Clock Using Paper

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Ever seen a table clock made up of only paper??

In this instructable , I'll share with you how to make a cute table clock with very less material. I opted for shabby chic / vintage pink theme, you can choose any theme. Let's start step by step.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Here is the list of required material for this project

  • Any colored sheets for base (170-200 GSM is a good weight to go ,, you can choose heavier than this but not lighter. Here is the guide to paper weights)
  • Clock template ( You can easily find template from google)
  • Scrapes of your vintage themed designer papers
  • Pencil, ruler, bone folder etc
  • Clock machinery
  • Adhesives (Double tape, craft glue , glue gun whatever is your favorite)
  • Laces, beads to decorate
  • Flower making tools (metal dies, distress inks, dotting tool) or ready made paper flowers according to your theme
  • Mod Podge (optional)

Step 2: Prepare the Front Base

First of all, make base for front side. Stick 2 base sheets of size 7 x 7 inches together (for thickness , you can stick two layers together).

Now, cut 6 pieces of size 3.5 x 2.5 inches from your favorite designer papers. Distress the edges using sponge daubers and ink pads (I opted for pink chic theme so I used victorian velvet from tim holtz (one of my favorite colors).

Once the pieces are ready, arrange and stick them on 7 x 7 inches base, such that they overlap each other a bit and your base for front side is ready.

(optional) I used a layer of mod-podge to give a nice and neat look. (See the closeup photo)

Step 3: Arrange the Clock Part

Get a print out of clock template and cut. (Tip: it'll be good if you print on a 170 GSM or heavier paper).

Distress it the same way we did for pieces in step 2 (After distressing the clock, I realized that it'll look more elegant without distressing the clock circle).

For chic look, I used a net lace to embellish the borders of clock (other options are jute rope in natural color, crochet lace or pearls etc. Once it's ready, glue it on the decoupaged base sheet prepared in step 2.

Poke a hole in the center and adjust the machinery (apply a little glue between machinery and back of paper too).

Step 4: Prepare the Box and Back

To make it stand on the table , we need to create a box structure at the back for support and to hide the machinery.

For that, cut 4 pieces of base sheet measuring 6.5 x 3.5 inches. Score all pieces at 1 and then 2.5 inches and fold. Arrange and glue them together to form a hollow square. Look at the image for proper guide. (Tip: use a bone folder for crispy and nice folds).

Take another 7 x 7 inches base sheet for back. Glue one side of box to it and the other side to the clock part. Allow them to dry the glue completely. (This part is a little crucial, so choose your adhesive very carefully, I opted for regular craft glue and it was a bit problematic as it takes long time to dry and the weight of machinery was making problems until it's completely dry).

Now it's time to add embellishments.

Step 5: Embellishments and Final Touch

For embellishment, I used some handmade flowers, some floral cut papers, chipboard honeycomb and metal butterflies. I made the flowers myself, if you can't you can use ready made mulberry flowers , fabric flowers won't give a nice look.

Glue floral cuts and flowers on two edges. Cut the honeycomb in random shape and glue a butterfly near it (I know it should be a honey bee near honeycomb but i love these butterflies :D )

After all the simple steps and embellishment, your clock is ready.

Wasn't it easy?? Try this and paste yours in comments! Happy Crafting ;)

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