Introduction: Table Lamp Shade

Making this took less than ten minutes...

Step 1: Reusing Old Lamp to Make a New One


I have a broken lamp bottom that was made of ceramic, and the cloth lampshade was peeling off.

I removed them and wanted to reuse the metal rings to make a new table lamp without drilling, and sticking and stitching.

Step 2: Old Placemat and Bamboo Cloth Dryer Clips

I had an old orange place mat.

I placed the rings and joined them together with these bamboo clips.

About 7-8 clips are needed. It just taken 10 minutes to create this project, and its no fuss.

The clips also act as a stand and holds firmly, so there is no need to create a separate base for this project. You can see it in this image.

The light through the placemat gives a nice effect :)

It took just Rs 60 to make repurpose the old broken light and make a new one!!

Step 3: And You Are Done!