Introduction: Table and Stools With Hairpin Legs

When my daughter first settled with her boy friend in their first empty appartment, I was happy to be able to contribute with home made furnitures like this table and stools. I already made a coffee table with pallets and hairpin legs and a desk also with hairpin legs. Here are the posts in my blog.

olivierbricole: cpallet coffee table with hairpin legs

olivierbricole: desk with hairpin legs

To remain in the style I also used hairpin legs for the table and the stools. they wanted a high table and high stools. For the stool, I was inspired by an existing model.

Step 1: Prepare the Table Legs.

To form the hairpin legs, I made a kind of jig with wood round parts screwed on a board, and markings for the final shape.

The metal rod is maintained on the jig bri the screws, and the other part is bend using a tube to enforce the bending close to the wood round jig.

Once the hairpin is bent, I made some recess in the rod to bend it 90° for the attachment to a plate with holes that will allow to fix the leg on the top.

Then the rod is welded to the metal plate. The desk was a bit flexible, so I decided to add a third rod to the leg.

Step 2: Prepare the Table Top

I assembled wood boards to make the table top.

My daughter was not so happy to sand...but much more to paint (the pictures are from the desk, but only the dimension changes).

Step 3: Prepare the Stool Structure

The steel rod is bent with the same principle than the table leg, but with a different angle, Romain was happy to do it. It is then assembled to the straight rod to form one side of the stool structure.

A fixing plate is prepared to receive the side, with big holes to position the rods before welding. Another one will receive the other side, and finally they will be welded together.

A jig was made to position all the elements together in the right position, it is a bit tricky to be always the same..

Then the rods and plates are welded together, including an additional rod as a footrest.


Step 4: Prepare the Stool Tops

The stool tops have a recess, we made it with the wood lathe. I showed how to do to my daughter, and she did by herself.

Step 5: Assemble the Stool, the Table, Test and Make the Other 4....

Before making the complete set of tools structures, we decided to assemble the table and one stool and test for the height.

Thanks to this test, we decided to change a little bit the height for the other stools.

It is ready for installation in their new flat. the table is a bit flexible, but with one side against the wall it is ok. The stools are also a bit flexible but nevertheless ok.

With this entry, I intend to participate to the Furniture contest. If you liked the project, don't forget to vote.

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