Introduction: Tablet or Phone Mounting for Electric Wheelchair

Most electric wheelchair users have need to mount their smartphone or tablet to their chair so they can use it. These devices in many cases are used as an important method of communication. Commercially available mounts "designed" for this purpose are crazy expensive and not designed very well. In this instructable I hope to showcase the method I used which I believe is cheaper and more flexible.

Step 1: Base Mounting

Under the armrests of most full-size electric wheelchairs is a “T” slotted rail system that allows for controls and other items to be securely mounted. On the Permobil brand this consists of two slots designed for 1/4-20 or M6 screw/nut attachments. In either case the nut used fits in the slot and the screw goes through object you are mounting then through the opening in the slot and into the nut. Because of the depth of the slot the screw length needs to be chosen such that it doesn’t interfere with the slot before the mounting is tight and secure.

This is the location that I have chosen to mount my system for holding an iPad Pro.

Step 2: Adapting Existing Mounting Equipment

Ram Mounts ( makes a plethora of components used for mounting just about anything to just about anywhere. In browsing their website I found that the Motorcycle brake/clutch reservoir mount (Part# RAM-B-309-1) would fit nicely under my armrest bolted to the “T” slot.

With this mount in hand it was easy to see that two 1 inch (25mm) long screws were needed to make this work. When positioned and the screws are tightened this allows the 1 inch mounting ball extended just beyond the arm rest.

Step 3: Build the Mount for Your Needs

Once you have a base mounting point you can use the ram website to look for the attachments you want.

I chose a long arm and an EZRoll'r cradle mount designed specifically for my iPad.

The Ball-socket system allows the iPad to be configured in a wide range of positions. It also remains quite secure during bumpy rides in the wheelchair

$65 for mounts and screws/nuts.