Introduction: Taho: a Simple Desert Snack Food From the Philippines

Taho is a simple staple food in the Philippines. It is sold virtually everywhere, every morning in the streets. The soft texture of the silken tofu complements the sugar water very well. In addition, it is a delicious snack to fill your sugar cravings that is very easy to make.

Step 1: Ingredient

* Silken Tofu

* Sugar (brown for traditional look)

* [Optional] Tapioca pearls

Kitchen Supplies

* Pot

* Ladle

Step 2: Making the Liquid

* Add 1.5 cups of water

* Add a cup of sugar

* Add the tapioca pearls

* Boil it and stir until about half of the water has boiled off and tapioca pearls are cooked

Step 3: Preparing the Tofu

* Using a spoon or butter knife, gently slice the tofu to smaller pieces like shown in the picture

It doesn't have to be uniform and is normally crushed further before eating.

Step 4: Mixing It All Together

* Add the silken tofu to the liquid

* Continue boiling for another 3-5 minutes

* Keep the tofu in the liquid for a while to let it soak in the sugar water

* Use a ladle to transfer to a glass, serve warm


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