Introduction: Take the Money and Run

how to make ten bucks REAL easy.

Step 1: Find a Person

This is real easy. find someone with 20dollars in cash.
(you will also need 20 dollars)

Step 2: Almost There...

Have the person with 20 dollars place the 20 on a table.
You also, put the 20 on the table.

Step 3: You Almost Have Made 10 Dollars!

Ok, so, next, you ask the person, "would you pay me 30 dollars for this 40 dollars on this table?" Of course he will say yes.

Step 4: Ow Its Done

This is a bit hard to explain, but i will do my best.

So you each put 20 dollars on the table right?
so now there is 40 dollars on the table.
your victim, paid you 30 dollars for the forty on the table.
you only put in 20 so you made 10 bucks

(oh yeah, this wasnt my idea)