Introduction: Turning Garden Bulbs Into Houseplants

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We love our houseplants. Recently we've started a vegetable garden that has taken off thanks to our backyard chicken compost.

Here's how we transfer bulb plants indoors for beautiful foliage that lasts all winter!
---huge range of bulbs for fall planting looking ahead to next year

Step 1: Watering System

Transfer to Planter. Dig up the root ball and take care to protect roots while transferring to a planter. We frequently use plastic flower buckets from trader joe's. ---all year trader joes is happy to share a few buckets if you ask a floor manager

Water Bottle. Moving water deep into the soil is important to keep to surface dry. It makes the soil less habitable to aphids and rot. Make a few slots in the plastic bottle and keep the cap on to allow water to penetrate soil around the roots.

Step 2: Bury the Bottle

Installing a bottle isn't necessary but it's certainly helpful.

Here I use crushed landscape bricks. Easy to use any gravel or pebbles that you may have available. Popular are stones sold for fish tanks.

Step 3: Surface Stone

To further protect the soil surface. Add gravel or stone to keep a dry surface that's less hospitable to insects and rot. Simply cut back the water bottle once gravel is in place.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Hope you found this useful!

In the past we've always seen it as a risky to bring dirt in from the garden. Note that I sprayed some neem oil at the top of the dirt but didn't bake the dirt as I typically do.

Here are a few others from the garden: