Introduction: Taking a Kids Project to the Next Level With Makey Makey

It is awesome when your child brings home a great project they made in class for example when my son brought home a bee that slid across a string between a flower and a beehive or a kangaroo that let a joey slide in and out. What is better is when you are able to have them record what they know and hook it to a Makey Makey creating an interactive kids project and they love it when they can make something interactive.


Makey Makey kit

Copper tape

kids project

Step 1: Transformation From Static to Interactive

  1. Create an open circuit using the copper tape that then another part of the project can trigger by closing the circuit.
    • On the example kangaroo project on the back where the incision for the pouch is there are two wires. on the bottom on the joey is also copper tape. When the joey is inserted into the pouch it closes the circuit and the recording plays.
    • On the example bee project on each side I made two holes that copper tape runs through and on the back of the sliding bee I put copper tape. When the bee is slid down the wire and pressed it closes the circuit playing the associated recording.

Step 2: Connect Makey Makey

When done connect the Makey Makey. One goes to the ground and the other to whatever key was coded scratch with the recording.