Introduction: Taking Apart an Apple Pro Mouse

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In this instructable I will be taking apart a broken apple pro mouse. I know what your thinking, an apple pro mouse? what the heck is that. well here's a picture for you (before i destroyed it). Please know that if you do this you will want the mouse to be a moust that you will never ever be using again
[this mouse is from when my friend gave me his Imac G3 (G3 now broken and I use pc now)].
Well here are the tools you will need: apple pro mouse, screwdriver.

Step 1: Remove the Spacer

Remove the oval shaped white spacer, this can be done with your hands.

Step 2: Pry Out the Inside

pry the inside out with a screwdriver, be very careful with this step as for me I had shrapnol flying every where.

Step 3: Lets See What It Looks Like So Far

Well were already half done, and with the harder parts over the rest should be quick. Heres what it should look like so far.

Step 4: Take Off the Black Components Guard

Based on the title this step should be self explanatory.
Once you are done remove the plastic strip thats in the way of the components

Step 5: Remove the Board From the Case

Another self expalnatory step, be careful prying this off that you dont break the board in half.

Step 6: Remove the Led and Black Oval Shaped Piece

in this step all you have to do is keep on moving the black piece back and forth until metal fatigue causes the section to split off from the board, or just use scissors.

the result should look like this

Step 7: Finished at Last

I really shouldn't say at last since it only took about four minutes to do this but here is the end result, im sure that you will find a good use for all those components somewhere.