Introduction: Takis Fuego Fried Chicken

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- 1 whole egg - 1 normal sized bag of Takis (the chips in this picture are cheetos, but I actually used Takis fuego) - 1 deep frying pan - 1 Olive Oil (most types of oil are also fine, but the taste might differ) - 2 cups of breading - 1 Plastic bag (any container is fine) - 1 bowl - Any amount of chicken breast - 1 stirring utensil - 1 Clipping tool - Stove

Step 1: Takis Powder With Breading

For this step, you will have to first smash the takis or whichever type of chips you are using, into something approaching the appearance of powder. Next, add a similar amount of breading. I used a plastic bag, but you can use any type of container. Next, shake the container until the takis powder and the breading are well mixed.

Step 2: Prepare the Frying Pan

Add around 4-6 inches of oil to the pan, turn on the stove to 380-390 degrees celsius, or set the temperature to high.

Step 3: Soaking the Chicken

For this step, use your stirring utensil to beat the egg inside the bowl. Once thoroughly stirred, soak the chicken in the beat egg.

Step 4: Adding the Takis Crust

For this step, using your container which should have takis powder and breading, place the chicken inside the container and shake it to cover the chicken with the crust, you can also simply cover the chicken by hand.

Step 5: Frying the Chicken

Using your cooking clipping tool, slowly place the chicken in the frying pan. Wait until crust looks golden/glowing red. You can pull it out of the pan to check how it's coming along.

Step 6: Finished

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