Introduction: Talking Measuring Cup

One of the steps in the Stanford School of Design process is to think empathically. I have an old measuring cup that the markings have rubbed off after 30 years of use. I thought about my mom who sometimes has trouble reading the markings on a measuring cup. I decided to create a talking measuring cup. It tells you when you fill it to certain amounts. Obviously, this is just a prototype as it is hooked to my computer, but I bet we could make one not hooked to my computer.


A MakeyMakey and all of its pieces

Gorilla Tape (or another waterproof tape)

A vessel to use as a measuring cup (I used an old measuring cup that had the markings washed off.)

A measuring cup to use for calibrating (This one is just to calibrate, your mom can have it back at the end.)


Step 1: Set Up MakeyMakey

The first thing is to set up your MakeyMakey. You want to hook alligator clips to Earth and all four arrows. Then connect those clips to wires that you will attach to your measuring cup.

Step 2: Insert Ground Wire

Next, insert the wire connected to Earth into the vessel you are using as a measuring cup. Put it all the way to the bottom. Use a piece of waterproof tape to attach it to the inside of the cup.

Step 3: Adding the Measurement Leads

Add 1/4 cup of water to the measuring cup. Then, dip the wire that is attached to the left arrow key down until it just touches the water. This will activate the arrow key.

Tape the wire in place.

Continue with adding 1/2 cup of water, 3/4 cup of water and then a full cup, putting in those leads as you got.

Step 4: Scratch Program

Create this program in Scratch. Record yourself saying 1/4 cup, etc.

Step 5: Test Your Product

Test your product out!