Tamil Nadu Meals Miniature Clay Craft

Introduction: Tamil Nadu Meals Miniature Clay Craft

About: Hi all, I am Nithish Arjun from India. I am 10 years old , . Do follow me for innovative projects.. doing projects and crafts like these is my hobby.😁

Hi friends, let us make a miniature craft of traditional Tamil Nadu meals, which is served during all functions and festivals for the guests..

Step 1: First, Banana Leaf

First take some green color clay, and roll it on a flat surface. Cut the clay to the shape of the banana leaf and draw lines on it with any sharp material.

Step 2: Make Small Detailing

Use yellow color clay for making banana and chips
Yellow and green bits to make potato veggies, orange bits for carrot and beans etc..
Use small grains of the white Clay to make rice.. and stick them together ..

Step 3: Stick Them Up

Stick all the items on the banana leaf..one by my new in their respective places

Step 4: It's Ready !!

Thus our miniature banana leaf Tamil Nadu meals is ready.. stick magnet at the back side to use it as a fridge magnet.

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    rocket radhi
    rocket radhi

    3 years ago

    Very thoughtful and colourful 🌈

    Nithish arjun
    Nithish arjun

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you 😁😁😁