Introduction: Tangerine (Satsuma, Clementine) Candle

Turn a small citrus into a candle/votive using:

Paring Knife
Olive Oil (or most other cooking oils)

When lit, the candle puts off a nice citrus scent and a soft orange light.

Credit where credit is due. Idea from here

Just remember, don't leave these unattended! Fire burns stuff.

Step 1: Cut the Tangerine

Cut through the skin of the tangerine around the circumference. You only need to cut through the skin at this point. Leaving the segments of the tangerine intact helps you enjoy eating them later.

Step 2: Peel the Tangerine

CAREFULLY peel the skin off of the top of the tangerine first. The top is the half with the stem.

Pay extra attention when you get to peeling the part below the stem where skin connects to the fruit. There is a piece of white "stuff" extending from the skin into the center of the fruit. You want to preserve most of this piece. It will be used as the wick for the candle. If you peel it, and don't get a good wick, go ahead and eat the rest of it and try again.

Now peel the bottom half of the tangerine. The bottom half is the one without the stem. Make sure you leave the skin completely intact, so you end up with a nice half sphere.

Step 3: Eat the Segments!

No explanation needed. Enjoy!

Step 4: Cut a Hole in the Non-stem Half of the Tangerine

Here you want to cut a hole in the middle of the half of the tangerine without the stem. This hole allows the heat and the flame to escape.

I chose to cut a star pattern in mine.

Step 5: Add the Fuel

Take the olive oil and pour a small amount in the half of the tangerine with the wick. You only need to fill the bottom with 1/8" - 1/4" (about 5mm) olive oil.

If your wick is short, you'll only want to fill the oil up to about 1/8" - 1/4" (about 5mm) below the wick.

If your wick is too long (like mine) you'll want to cut the wick so it is about 1/8" - 1/4" (about 5mm) above the oil.

Step 6: Light Your Candle!

Take a lighter (or matches) and hold it to the wick. Because the wick is still slightly damp, you'll need to hold the flame on it for a few seconds to dry it out and let it soak up the oil.

Once the wick stays lit by itself, place the other half on top and enjoy.

If you are having trouble with the wick (e.g. too short, burning too fast, etc.) you can combine this instructable with the following one: Make an oil burning candle. You can use the wick and the oil to make a very re-used candle.

The bottom half of the candle will last a long time because the oil soaks into the skin and preserves it. If you add a wick, you can prolong the life of the candle for quite a long time.