Introduction: Tangle-free Cords

This simple life hack will save you so much frustration! I made it because was always a huge mess when I put my cord away in my pocket - by the time I wanted to take it back out some gremlin had gone in there and tangled it all up!

You will need:

  • a velcro cable tie (or make your own)
  • your headphone cords (or any cord which gets tangled)
  • scissors

Step 1: Cut and Attach the Velcro Cable Tie

The velcro cable ties are usually a little long so you will need to cut it down to size a bit.

Attach it to your cord by looping it through its pre-cut hole (see photo).

If you wanted to make your own velcro cable tie all you need to do is cut a one inch slit along the cable tie (down the centre) so that you have a way to loop the velcro through the hole.

Step 2: Wrap It Up

To use your new cable management system wrap the headphone cords around your fingers and attach them all together with the velcro.

Voilà, it stays untangled (thankfully!) and compact