Introduction: Tank Water Level Indicator

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Hii friend,

Today I am going to make tank water level indicator using BC547 transistor.This circuit will show water level.

Let's get started,

Step 1: Take All Parts As Shown Below

Components required -

(1.) Transistor - BC547 x3

(2.) LED - 3V x3 (any color)

(3.) Resistor - 220 ohm x1

(4.) Battery - 9V x1

(5.) Battery clipper x1

Step 2: Fold Pins of All Transistors

Fold all pins of all BC547 transistors as picture.

BC547 Transistor (NPN ) -

1. First pin is Collector.

2. Second pin is base and

3. Third pin is emmiter.

Step 3: Solder LED to Transistor

Next we have to solder LED in transistor.

Solder -ve pin of LED to the collector pin of transistor.

Connect all LEDs in transistors like as picture.

Step 4: Connect +ve Pins of LEDs

Next connect all +ve pins of all LEDs as shown in picture.

Step 5: Connect Emmiter Pin Transistors

Next connect all emmiter pins of all transistors as solder in picture.

Step 6: Connect 220 Ohm Resistor

Now solder 220 ohm resistor to the common +ve wires of all LEDs as shown in picture.

NOTE : If you want to connect 12V power supply then connect 330 ohm resistor instead of 220 ohm resistor.

Step 7: Connect Battery Clipper Wire

Next connect battery clipper wire to the circuit .

Solder +ve wire of battery clipper to 220 ohm resistor and -ve wire to common emmiter pins of the transistor.

Step 8: Connect Three Wire in Transistor.

Now connect three wire in the base pins of all transistors as solder in picture.

Step 9: Connect a Wire to +ve Wire of Battery

We need to connect one more wire.

Solder a wire in the +ve wire of battery as shown in the picture.

Step 10: Bind All Wires Like This

Now circuit is completed

Bind all wires as shown in the picture.

+ve wire of battery should be in the bottom then its upper base wire of transistor and next its upper base wire of transistor as you can see in the picture.

Step 11: How to Use It

Connect battery to the circuit and put (hold) wires in level as you want.

In picture as you can see when water level in between +ve wire of battery and base wire of 1st transistor then only one LED is glowing.

In this type when water level increases then 2nd LED is also glowing and this type 3rd LED glowing.

This type we can make tank water level indicator.

Thank you