Introduction: Tape Dispenser Station

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Here is an simple step by step guide on how to make my Tape Dispenser Station. I needed a way of storing my tape and to easily use it without taking up too much room. So I came up with this. Hope you enjoy :)

Step 1: Tools and Material

Drill Bits
Power Drill
Wood Glue
Wood Saw
Sand Paper
Hacksaw Blade (Preferably used)
Metal Clippers (To cut the hacksaw blade)
Set of files
Engineers Square
Pillar Drill
Band Saw

Plywood Sheet - Between 3mm - 5mm thick (I chose 4.5mm thick)
Plywood Sheet - Between 10mm - 15mm thick (I chose 15mm thick)
Wooden Dowel - Between 8mm - 12mm Diameter (I chose 9mm Dia)

Step 2: Cutting Wood for Tape Dispenser

You need to start off by cutting some of the 15mm thick plywood sheet to make the top and bottom blocks like the image below. This will be for your standard duct tape size. Mark out with a pencil and then cut them out using a wood saw or a band saw. Make sure you're wear eye protection when using a band saw.

Next, you need to cut the two side pieces, using the 4.5mm thick plywood sheet. I marked them out using a pencil and a ruler. My measurements are: 190mm x 90mm x 4.5mm. I used my wood saw for this, as it is easier to cut.

Step 3: Cutting the Channels

I am using 9mm diameter dowels to rotate the tape dispenser, so I need to cut a 9.5mm wide channel on both sides.
I marked out with a pencil and cut it out using the band saw. I cleaned up the edges using sand paper and a rounded file.


Make sure you cut a small channel to the towards the front of the Tape Dispenser so that the tape doesn't ride up the channel when you are pulling on it.

Step 4: Cutting the Back Plate

This part is used as a lip to keep the dispenser on the station. I marked out the sizes 105mm x 60mm x 4.5mm and then cut using the wood saw.

Step 5: Cutting the Tape Block

I marked out the wood with the duct tape diameter with a pencil. I then cut the shape on the band saw. I drilled a 9mm hole through the middle to fit the dowel.

Step 6: Gluing the Tape Dispenser

Glue and clamp the pieces you cut together and leave over night to dry.

Step 7: Hacksaw Blade

Using the metal clippers, cut the hacksaw blade, the same length as the tape dispenser head. Glue this down using clear multipurpose glue.

Step 8: Making the Tape Station

To make the station you will need the following prices of wood:
15mm thick plywood
4.5mm thick plywood
You will need to cut the prices to the following sizes:
300mm x 130mm - with the 15mm thick
300mm x 50mm - with the 4.5mm thick
300mm x 30mm - with the 4.5mm thick
300mm x 20mm - with the 4.5mm thick

Once this is done, you will need to glue them together. Following the images on how to do this.

Step 9: Final Step - Mounting the Tape Station

To do this final step you will need to drill three holes into the wall, insert some wall plugs. Drill three holes into the station and the finally screw the station to the wall. Job done!

Thank you very much for checking out my tutorial for my Tape Dispenser Station :)

P.s this was my first upload.

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