Introduction: Tardis Mailbox

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This is my instructable on how to make a wall-mounted Tardis Mailbox. (Please vote for me in the contest at the bottom) :)


For this project, you'll need some 1/2" plywood, 3/4" flat moulding, 1/2" headless nails, 2.5" wood screws, wood glue, 1 sheet of semi-course & 1 sheet of semi-fine sandpaper, 1 can of dark blue spray paint,1 can of transparent clear-coat spray paint, masking tape, 2 small hinges, double-sided tape & one sheet of acetate film.

Step 1: Cut Out Panels

From a sheet of 1/2" plywood measure & cut out all six pieces as indicated in photo.

Step 2: Sanding

Using the semi-course sandpaper, sand all 6 pieces thoroughly on all sides using an electric sander or by hand.

Next, repeat with semi-fine sandpaper.

Step 3: Cut Molding Pieces

Using the 5/8" moulding, cut out all pieces as indicated in photo and sand with semi-fine sandpaper if necessary.

Step 4: Build Tardis

Using the photos as reference, put the pieces together (loosely) starting with the bottom piece flat on your working area and placing the back piece with the bottom edge also flat on the surface and pushed against the bottom piece.

Next, using a small drill bit, pre-drill three holes for the screws, taking care to drill in the center of the boards.

Next do the sides and the front. (The front piece goes on top of the bottom piece and in between the two sides and indented 1/2".)

Next, present all the moulding pieces on the front and make any necessary adjustments. Then measure and mark with a pencil the location of each piece.

Do the same with the sides and the lid (top piece).

Step 5: Print Windows & Signs

Using the attached word documents, print the signs and windows on good quality paper and cut out each piece leaving a small margin to fit behind mouldings. (except for circular & thin long signs)

Cut and tape matching pieces of acetate film along the edges of the square pieces.

Place a small piece of double-sided tape at the center of the square pieces & along the entire back of the long & circular signs and set aside for later.

Step 6: Final Build

Once you have confirmed everything fits together nicely, disassemble everything and start over but this time, use a little wood glue (or regular white glue) as you put each piece together again loosely.

Once it's all together, carefully tighten the screws until as flush as possible.

Next, starting with the front, center the three square printouts and tape them into position. Then, glue and nail all the front mouldings.

Next, do the same with the sides & lid.

Finally, cover all three printouts with masking tape in preparation for painting. (see photo)

Step 7: Install Lid

Place lid on top of mailbox, measure and install hinges (loosely).

Once lid is working correctly, remove one side of hinges in preparation for painting.

Step 8: Paint

Using the dark blue paint, carefully paint the lid and mailbox using light coats and waiting about 10 minutes between coats until your happy with the appearance.

Wait until fully dry before the next step.

Step 9: Clear Coat

Once blue paint is fully dry, place circular printout on right center panel and place long printout on front edge of lid.

Next, using the transparent clear coat paint, carefully paint the mailbox and lid until you're satisfied and taking time between coats.

Let dry thoroughly to avoid fingerprint indentations.

Once fully dry, remove masking tape and reinstall lid.

(if you can find some tiny handles for the fake doors, install them now. I made mine from little strips of aluminum I had laying around.)

Congratulations! You've completed this project!

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