Introduction: Funny Interactive Restroom Sign

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I've always thought it would be fun to have restroom signage on my home restroom doors like they have in public restrooms. But, instead of buying pre-made signs, I thought I would make my own (with a funny twist). :D

Step 1: Print Sign Parts

Print one of the four attached options on heavy paper.

Step 2: Cut Out Parts

Carefully cut out both parts leaving no white edges as shown.

Step 3: Laminate

Laminate both parts by placing the larger cut-out close to one of the edges of the laminate and the smaller part with equal space on top and bottom as shown.

Step 4: Cut Laminated Parts

Once laminated, carefully cut out the larger section leaving a small transparent edge around all sides.

Next, do the same with the short edges of the smaller section leaving all of the transparent laminate from the long edges in place as shown.

Step 5: Form Creases

Turn over the smaller piece and using a ruler, carefully bend and crease the laminate over as shown.

Be sure to make the bends wide enough so that the larger section will fit loosely inside.

Once you have a good fit, make the creases as flat as possible. (see photos)

Step 6: Install Double-Sided Tape

Slide the small section to either side so that both sections are even at the edge.

Next, turn it over and cut some small pieces of double-sided tape and paste them flush with the edges of the overlapping laminate as shown. Do the same with the other side and finally paste a larger piece of double-sided tape in the center.

Step 7: Install Vinyl Surface Bumper

Paste a self-adhesive vinyl surface bumper as shown.

Next, peel the double-sided tape from the back and paste the sign on your restroom door and enjoy! :D