Introduction: Task Calendar - Colly

Colly is a task calendar that connects with an app to help you keep track of your current monthly goal. You can build it yourself and connect it to the provided app.



- Arduino Mega

- Bluetooth Module HC-06

- LEDs

- MDF backboard

- Wires

- Solder


- 3d Printed numbers

- Black Furniture Foil


- Soldering Iron

- Glue Gun

- Drill

- Jigsaw


- 3D Printer

Step 1: (Optional) Print and Assemble All Parts.

If you have access to a 3D printer, print the following models:

12x zeros, 13x ones, 12x twos, 5x threes, 3x fours, 3x fives, 3x sixes, 3x sevens, 3x eights, 3x nines

31x inner windows, 31 outer windows.

You can optionally use the name model or make your own.

Assemble them by placing pieces of thin paper between the two window parts and using glue gun to stick the numbers on the outer window.

If you don't have access to a 3D Printer, you can write the numbers by hand above each LED.

Step 2: Cut the MDF to an Appropriate Size and Drill Holes for the LEDs.

Decide what size you want your calendar and cut the MDF to match. Cut one extra piece with the same sizes for the backing. Mark where the LEDs should go and drill holes for them. Most LEDs are either 3mm or 5mm wide so you'll need that size drill bit.

Step 3: Stick the Foil to the Front of the Board.

Unpeel the back of the foil and stick it to the front. Use a screwdriver to poke through the foil and uncover the holes for the LEDs.

Step 4: Defuse and Insert the LEDs.

Using sandpaper or a rotary tool with sanding attachment, scratch up the surface of the LEDs so that the light is scattered more. Insert the LEDs into the drilled holes. If the sizing is correct they shouldn't move or wiggle. You can dab a little hot glue on the back side just in case. Test each LED to ensure success.

Step 5: Glue the Windows

Stick the windows to the front so that the LEDs are centered and stick the numbers to the sides of the windows.

Step 6: Wire the LEDs

Solder wires from the positive side of the LEDs to the arduino pins and connect all negative sides together and to the arduino GND pin.

Connect the Bluetooth pins to the arduino:

Tx -> Rx

Rx -> Tx

5v -> 5v


Step 7: Upload the Code.

Connect the arduino to a PC and upload the code. Edit the pins to match the connected LEDs.