Tassimo Cartridge Holder

Introduction: Tassimo Cartridge Holder

I bought a Tassimo Coffee machine and didn't like the boxes the Cartridges came in so i designed a holder that can keep 5 or 8 Cartridges and has a sleek look and design.

Step 1: Designed Tassimo Holder

I firstly got the dimensions for the Tassimo cartridge and then started to design the holder.

I wanted to make it look quite appealing rather than it being solid.

It was created on SolidWorks, i have also added the .SLDPRT and the STL file so you can print it.

You can view the 3D object using the 3D viewing app on google.

Step 2: Printer Used

I used the M3D printer to print this holder.

It took 6 Hours to print using PLA.

Step 3: Finished Holder

After printing there wasn't much to clean up or file so i tried the cartridges and was a good fit and looked good.

I will be printing another in a different color so i can have one for coffee and one for latte :) It is also easy to clean by running under the tap if you spill anything on it.

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