Introduction: Tatted Mask

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My tatted mask is made with cotton thread, swarovski crystals and a few small pieces of wire. You will need an intermediate to advanced knowledge of needle or shuttle tatting to complete this project including split rings, josephine knots and adding beads to tatting.

This project uses size 10 crochet cotton thread, size 5 tatting needle(or shuttle), 45 3mm/4mm swarovski crystals, 1 piece of wire at 6.5cm and 2 pieces at 17.5cm, jewelry pliers, scissors, steel crochet hook (optional for joins)

If you need help learning tatting check out Bella Online or join the tatting group Intatters.

This mask as well as many of my other tatted creations can be found in my Etsy store. If you have any questions or problem, please let me know. This is my very first instructable so I'm certain it's a bit of a rough draft.

Happy tatting!

Step 1: Wire Eyes

Using your own eyes as a guide form an almond shape with the 17.5mm wire. Fold over at the corner and use the pliers to tighten down. You may cut off excess wire if desired, but it's not necessary as the wire will be covered by thread in the last step.

Step 2: Center Medallion

Center: 8 picots(p) separated(sep) by 2 double stitches(ds), tie, cut and hide ends.
Outside: ring(r) 8ds join to center picot(+) 8ds close(cl) reverse work(rw), r 4ds 1p 3ds 1p 1ds cl do not reverse(dnr), r 1ds+3ds 1p 3ds 1p 1ds, Split ring(sr) 1ds+3ds/4ds cl rw

Continue in this way around the center ring joining the top picots of the 2nd and 4th clovers to the eye wires. Join the 8th clover to the first by the side picots.

Refer the picture for joins.

Step 3: Side Medallions

Make 2

First load 6 beads onto the thread for each medallion using a beading needle. Make the medallion in the same manner as the center medallion except there are only 6 clovers around leaving 2 free picots on the center ring. Add beads to the top picot of each clover as you tat.

Set these aside and they will be joined during the next step.

Step 4: 1st Round

Starting at the top right of the center medallion:
r 3ds join to top picot of clover 3ds join to wire 3ds 1p 3ds cl rw, chain(ch) 6ds 1p 3ds 1p 3ds 1p 6ds cl rw, 3ds+3ds+3ds 1p 3ds cl rw, ch 6ds 1p 3ds 1p 3ds 1p 6ds cl rw, r 3ds+3ds+3ds 1p 3ds cl rw, ch6 cl rw, r 3ds+3ds+3ds 1p 3ds cl rw, 6ds 1p 3ds 1p 3ds join to side picot of side medallion 6ds cl rw, r 3ds 1p 3ds+3ds+3ds cl rw, ch6 cl dnr, r 4ds join to 1st free picot of the center ring of the side medallion 2ds join to next picot 4ds cl dnr, ch6

Continue around mirroring the top edge, after last ring: ch6 cl rw, r 3ds+3ds+3ds 1p 3ds cl rw, ch 5ds 1p 3ds 1p 3ds 1p 5ds, r 3ds 1p 3ds 1p 3ds 1p 3ds cl rw, ch 5ds 1p 3ds 1p 3ds 1p 5ds cl rw, r 3ds 1p 3ds+3ds 1p 3ds cl rw

Continue around the other eye in the same manner referring to the pictures for the joins.

Step 5: 2nd Round Top

First load 21 beads onto the thread, refer to photo for location to add them.

Begin at the left side of mask: 3ds 1p 3ds join to first empty chain(see photo) 3ds 1p 3ds cl rw, ch 5ds+3ds 1p 3ds+6ds cl rw, r 3ds+3ds 1p 3ds cl rw, ch 6ds1p 3ds 1p 3ds 1p 6ds cl rw, r 3ds+3ds+3ds 1p 3ds cl rw, ch 6ds cl rw, r 3ds 1p 3ds+3ds 1p 3ds cl rw, ch 6ds 1p 3ds 1p 3ds 1p 6ds cl rw, 3ds+3ds+3ds+3ds cl rw, ch 6ds cl rw, 3ds 1p 3ds join in between clovers 3ds 1p 3ds cl rw, ch 6ds 1p 3ds 1p 3ds 1p 6ds cl rw, r 3ds 1p 3ds join to top clover 3ds 1p 3ds cl rw, r 4ds 1p 4ds cl rw

Continue the second side as a mirror to the first.

Step 6: 2nd Row Bottom

First load 12 beads onto the thread for the bottom edge.

Make a chain of 6 clovers the same as the ones on the medallions across each side of the bottom attaching where shown in the photos and adding beads to the top picot.

Step 7: Floating Rings

You will need to make two rings to finish the nose portion. The rings are 4 picots sep by 3ds attach by side picots as shown.

Step 8: Nose Wire

Take the small piece of wire and weave into the back of the mask as shown. Fold over and attach to the eye wires. Make sure to stretch the lace a bit before attaching to give enough space to bend the wire over your nose.

Step 9: Finishing

This is perhaps the most time consuming step of the mask. Cut a long piece of thread and using the tatting needle, knot the thread over the wire repeatedly as a Josephine knot or first part of the double stitch. Use the needle to go through the edge of the rings where it looks appropriate.

You will need to go around both eyes as well as wrap the nose wire to hide as much of the metal as possible.

You will need to iron the mask with steam taking care to lay all the rings and chains down well. You may use a fabric stiffener to help the mask stand up. Use a long ribbon to thread through the side medallions to wear the mask. Your may want to try the ribbon in several places to find your perfect fit and press the wire to your face to shape it.

The laws of Copyright Protection permit this tutorial to be used for personal use only. Reselling for profit is prohibited.

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