Introduction: Tavros Robot Legs Part 1- Cutting Out Cardboard

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This stage is mostly cutting out cardboard. As this progresses, I will add more steps. Part 2 will likely consist of (pain)ting it and adding detail, and Part 3 will be assembling.

Feel Free to use this template to assist your Homestuck art-ing; but please credit me!!

If you have any questions, please comment them and I will do my best to answer ):0)

Step 1: Hooves

Hooves are a semi-circle cut in half; I bent about 1/2 an inch inward. Yes, one is supposed to be bigger than the other to give the appearance of a bull's cloven hoof. Because, Tavros's sign, Taurus, is based off a bull...

Step 2: Top of Right Foot, Mid-foot, and Ankle

Make sure that the triangles are cut out properly, or else the boot might not fit [Insert Toy Story or Tarzan joke here].

Step 3: This Is the Left

Basically a mirror of the right. I will show how it all fits together in Part 3.

Step 4: Thigh Fronts and Backs

For crossplays, you might need to cut the swoopy cut on the thigh fronts differently (this is a commission for a male so I cut accordingly).

Step 5: Knee Gaurds

The easiest way to describe this is to cut in the shape of a lemon. or a piece of candy like



Step 6: Shin Gaurds

Refer to the template for this one...

They basically stack on each other. I might update them to be more... fitted, but we'll see. I will definitely update this step if that is the case.

Step 7: Step 7: to Be Continued With Part 2