Teach Your Child to Tie Their Shoes in 12 Easy Steps




Introduction: Teach Your Child to Tie Their Shoes in 12 Easy Steps

There was nothing more frustrating then when my son used to come home from school with tiny knots in his shoe laces which were nearly impossible to get out. At times, I found myself using tweezers trying to loosen "boy scout" knots out of his laces. Many occasions he used to come home with his shoe strings raggedy looking as if a dog gnawed on the laces. Oh, and lets not forget about my favorite, no laces at all with his gym shoes flip flopping off of his feet all because he did not know how to tie his shoe laces.

Immediately after my son's seventh birthday we were both determined for him to learn to tie his shoes. I began teaching him the technique that I use to tie my shoe laces, which ended in failure and him crying out, "I will never learn how to time my shoes!" As frustrating as it was for him and I must admit myself as well, I knew I had to come up with a technique he could learn and soon.

After failing to teach him the way I tie my laces, I asked him to simply watch as I tied my shoe laces. After, I asked him to then try to tie his using his own technique and any of mine that he thought was helpful. As he was going through the motions, I realized that he basically had the steps down but further simplification was needed.

This instructable is simple, kid friendly, and designed for parents to teach their child to tie their shoe laces. With practice, patience and following this technique in order (1-13) a child is sure to learn to tie his/her laces which equals a happy child and parent.

*Please read instructions in full before beginning*

Step 1: Materials

  1. Pair of untied shoes
  2. Kid

Step 2: Make Train Tracks

Pull both laces upward making sure laces are even to create a parallel set of train tracks.

Step 3: Make X

Cross the tips of the laces making a "X"

Step 4: Tuck Tip of "X"

Tuck the tip (either left or right) of the "X" underneath into opening.

Step 5: Pull Tips Outward

Pull both tips outwards away from each other until "X" reaches base of shoe.

Step 6: Make One Bunny Ear

Fold lace in half making one bunny ear using one hand (either left or right).

Step 7: Make Second Bunny Ear

Fold other lace in half making second bunny ear with other hand.

Step 8: Secure X

Pull bunny ears outwards away from each other to secure "X" at the base of the shoe.

Step 9: Create X With Bunny Ears

Taking both bunny ears create a "X"

Step 10: Secure X

Secure "X" made of bunny ears with one hand (either left or right).

Step 11: Tuck Bunny Ear

Tuck one bunny ear (either left or right) using opposite hand underneath into opening until you see the tip of the bunny ear peaking out of opening.

Step 12: Pull Bunny Ears

Grab the tip of the bunny ear and pull outwards away from each other to secure knot.


CONGRATULATIONS! Your child now knows how to tie their shoe!

Step 14: CAUTION

If mistakes occur, do not be afraid to start over from the beginning or previous step. Mastering shoe tying is a learning process.

Step 15: Video Tutorial

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    5 years ago

    but it was too hard for me to do it


    5 years ago

    your tips look cool thanks and why you show a Thomas picture from day out with tho


    6 years ago

    Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure is a great kids book that not only helps kids learn to tie their shoelaces but is also a great fun book to read http://amzn.to/1OGIEVj


    6 years ago

    Thanks for the tips! Before my kids could tie their shoes I got them Racing Laces (http://amzn.com/B01CFJH23G) which are totally awesome. They're just elastic shoe laces that dont need to be tied. The kids love them because they're colorful and I don't have to help them with their shoes. They can just slip them on when it's time to move!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. We used home made Montessori tying boards with my kids which is kind of the same stepped technique but I really like the descriptions here. Why not enter it into the feet contest that is running now?


    8 years ago

    I used the same technique to teach my son, but something was missing. After many tries I observed every motion he made. Turns out he "lost track" of what to tuck. I got a new pair of laces ,white, and colored both halves one red one blue. I laced up a pair of my old shoes and had him observe me doing it and pay close attention to each side. I did the tying twice. He said " I can do it", sure enough he did it first time and beyond. The visualization helped him.