Introduction: Teacup Chicken Feeder

...because chickens have tea parties too!

Treat the chicken in your life to a vintage eating experience

I made this bird feeder for a chicken owner to have an unusual centre piece in their yard with a very practical use as well! It could also be used as a normal bird/animal feeder but you may attract more than you'd hoped for :)

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Nicole @ Crafta La vista

Step 1: Clean Your China

Clean out your teacups and jug and leave them to dry

Step 2: Prepare Your Base

Take any labels off the terracotta saucer and turn it upside down. This will become your base.

Mine was 42cm so I managed to fit my jug and 5 cups/saucers around it but depending on the size for your base and the teacups/saucers this could differ you could also use a slate tile or something similar but I liked the raised base you got from the saucer

Step 3: Attach the Water Bath

Glue your jug to the centre of your base. If using Evo-Stik Serious Glue then it's only a few minutes before the glue starts to dry and you can move onto the next piece

Step 4: Add the Saucers

I took my saucers one by one and glued them round in the circle. Some of mine had to slightly overlap, this left a gap between the base and the teacup saucer. To fill this gap I used a little bit of no more nails in the middle of the teacup saucer and then the super glue round the rim of the base.

Step 5: Attach the Cups

I then used the super glue to secure the teacups to the saucers and left to dry overnight. It seemed secure after a couple of hours but I always think it's better leaving super glue as long as you can before moving things.

Step 6: Fill With Food

You can then full the teacups with bird feed of your choice and the jug with water. sit back and enjoy watching who turns up for the vintage tea party in your garden!

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