Introduction: Telescope Camera Holder Under 5$

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This Project save your money and make in 5$ and you capture good quality photos and video from your telescope compare to EXPENSIVE DSLR.(if you'r not spend more money totake pictures.)

Also you will see my TELESCOPE PHONE CASING to attach your phone with telescope and take pictures and video LIVE STREAMS etc.(follow me for new instructable)

Let's start with Collect supplies.


1.Pine MDF 5mm


3.Sand grinder(if needed)

4.Telescope Eyepiece for measure outer dia.

Step 1: Parts

Step 2: Laser Cut Parts

I have Logitech 10180p Webcam .

If you have same Webcam use my .dxf file for lasercut.

If you don't have same webcam redesign your casing as per your camera.

Stick Laser cut Parts with adhesive.

Step 3: Assemble Parts

Take Eye piece and Place inside circle .

Step 4: Assemble Camera & Take Photoes

Use camera & Place inside casing and connect with telescope .

Use your laptop for capture video and photoes through Webcam.

I attach some awsome photoes taken by using this project.

This project gives good stability in picture.

Step 5: See Results.

Take fine and non blur video and photoes.

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