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Are there times when you drop a metal screw, bolt, socket, etc somewhere you cannot reach easily?  I do.  If you had a Telescoping Magnetic Pen on hand you could just pull the pen out and extend the shaft to pick up the metal piece that once was out of reach.  This instructable is designed to show you how easy it is to make your own Telescoping Magnetic Pen.

The Story
A couple of Christmases ago, I received a Telescoping Magnetic Pen.  I had never had one but could have used it many times. It was cool, so cool the kids wanted to play with it.  And they did, before the rest of the gifts were open my new Telescoping Magnetic Pen was broken.  I put it into my “to fix” pile.  And thought I would come around to fixing one day or stripping it for parts.  Time passed and I would pick up the broken Telescoping Magnetic Pen from time to time.  I would ponder of an easy way to fix the broken extension.  One day, I remembered that portable radios have a telescoping antenna.  Could that work?  Well, Yes and No.  After closer examination, it was easier to make a new one then to try and repair the broken one, with items I had around the house.  Here are the instructions on how to make your own Telescoping Magnetic Pen.

1) Has an swing range from 45 – 135 degrees, which will allow you to navigate around obstructions.
2) The maximum weight this Tiny Magnet can pick up is 5.6 oz, 1/4" drive ratchet.  The first picture is of a 3/8" deep socket.
3) Closed it is 10" long. Open it is 28.25" long.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

1) Tiny Magnet (I will be using one from a broken set of Earbuds)
2) 2 Valve stem caps
3) Telescoping Radio antenna
4) 5gal Bucket handle grip
5) Drinking Straw

1) Electrical Tape,
2) Utility Knife,
3) Krazy Glue,
4) Screw Driver.

Skill Level:

Time to Complete:
10 – 15 minutes

Now that you have your tools and materials together, let’s build a Telescoping Magnetic Pen.

Step 2: The Straw

1) Cut the Drinking straw to the length of the Bucket handle grip,
2) Cut the Drinking straw length wise,
3) Wrap it around the base of Telescoping Radio antenna.

The purpose of the straw is to add friction, without the straw the antenna slides around uninhibited.  We want a little friction to prevent the antenna from slamming into the end caps.

Step 3: End Cap

We want to seal off one end of the handle to prevent the Telescoping arm from sliding out.

1) Put Krazy Glue around the edge of the Bucket Grip,
2) Insert the Valve Stem Cap into the Bucket Grip,

Step 4: Assembly

1) Cut the tip off the other Valve Stem Cap,
2) Slide that Valve Stem Cap down the Radio antenna,
3) Put Krazy Glue around the edge of the Valve Stem Cap,
4) Slide the Radio antenna, cap, and straw into the Bucket handle grip,
5) Let Glue dry.

Step 5: Tape

Wrap the tape around the handle.  This is done to add strength to the grip as well as to prevent the grip from slipping when your hands are wet or oily.

Step 6: Magnet

You can use any Tiny Magnet, I found a broken set of earbuds in the parking lot and thought lets use one for this project. 
1) Use the Screw Driver to remove the Tiny Magnet from an earbud. (No instructions provided, should be easy enough to do on your own.)
2) Add Glue to the Antenna top.
3) Put the Tiny Magnet on top of the Glue.

You are finished with your Telescoping Magnetic Pen.

Step 7: Observations & Summary

The Telescoping Magnetic Pen has the added benefit of an oscillating telescoping arm.  Increasing the radius and angle of use.   It also is 6 inches longer than the original.  This is better than any I have seen on the market.

Angle range is from 45 – 135 degrees.
2) The maximum weight this Tiny Magnet can pick up is 5.6 oz, 1/4" drive ratchet.  The other picture is of a 1/2" deep socket.
3) Closed it is 10" long. Open it is 28.25" long.

I am satisfied with the results and it works great.

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