Introduction: Temperature Controlled FAN With an Arduino

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Hey guys again :)

In this project i have tried to explain how to built Temperature Controlled FAN with an Arduino....

Basically i have used transistor in order to drive MOTOR.

You can use this idea in your own laptop or you can make your own ventilator for the HOT SUMMER DAYS :)

If u have questions about driving motor with transistor just have a look at this article and watch the video i hope you will handle itClick Here.

I have used LM35 in order to measure Temperature.As most of you know LM35 gives 10mV every 1 centigrade degree increase.For instance: if your room is 25 centigrade degree then LM35's outpu will be 250mV.

Also i have used that formule in order to convert analog values to centigrade degree(which we can use):

value = (value/1023)*5000;
Temperature = value/10;

Note that: I have used 10uF capacitor in order to operate system properly,otherwise i get unstable circuit.Such as LM35 values changing suddenly and fan not work properly etc....However,i recommend to connect 100uF into BASE and COLLECTOR of TRANSISTOR.(If you have electrolytic capacitor then connect the (+) node into BASE ,(-) node into EMİTTER)

Required Materiels:

x1 Arduino UNO

x1 LM35 Temperature Adjustment sensor

x1 DC Motor (i have used very small one with propeller)

x1 Breadboard

x1 330 Ohm resistor

x1 10uF (I recommend you to use 100uF)

x1 BD135 npn Transistor.(Almost most of Transistor will be work )

x1 Diode


Codes,and Circuit diagram has been uploaded here,but you can reach them also from github(In the codes you will see Turkish words,don't be afraid of them :) i have translated it almost every part of my codes for you and wrote it just behind the codes....):Click...

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Good Luck, Have Fun!

Sorry for my English if i made mistakes :/