Introduction: Temperature Monitor Using SMS

Imagine you need a timely update of the temperature of your neighborhood at your cell phone.

In this intructable I'm gonna use MS5607 temperature sensor along with GSM SIM card to send the timely temperature readings on the mobile phone

Step 1: Connections


• Vin -> 3v3
• Gnd -> GND
• SCL -> SCL/A5
• SDA -> SDA/ A4

You will need a standard size SIM to be inserted in the Linkit One. If you have a micro/nano SIM, use an appropriate SIM adapters.

Insert the SIM card in the SIM bay in the board as shown in the picture

Connect the antenna in the GSM/GPRS port

Step 2: Code

I have uploaded my code which I used to control the LED on pin 13 to turn on when the SIM is ready to send SMS.

In the code, I'm taking readings from the sensor in Fahrenheit and then concatenating it to a string which I send over SMS.

Change your number in the beginSMS(), also you can use endSMS() which returns 0 when SMS not sent to check the delivery of your messages.

Also: You'll need to add intersema.h header file to your libraries. To do the copy the file; in the Arduino installation folder> Libraries> create a folder names MS5607> paste.

Step 3: Run and Output

Compile your and upload it to the board

I have set it to give Updates every 2 mins, for demonstration, but you can set it to every 2 hours if you like