Introduction: Tender Coconut Cascade Fountain

This is my first entry to instructables.

All the items in this project are assembled out of the surplus items in my house except the submersible pump.

Water flowing out of the tender coconut falls in cascade fashion and recirculated.

Coconut de-husker tool serves as a stand for tender coconut .

There are no difficult assembly steps and hence I am sure the individual parts and video provided will be useful to readers.

Step 1: Floor Cleaning Tub

I chose this since it is sturdy enough to support the assembly and has space for mounting the pump.

Step 2: Glass Bowls

The bigger bowl is 9" dia x2" ht and smaller bowl is 6" (top side)x 3.5" (Bottom) &4" ht.

Sizes are not critical. Water falls into the small bowl and overflows into the bigger bowl.

Step 3: Tender Coconut

A fresh piece will be easier to work with. Hole to insert the rubber tube from back side and take it out from front side using strong kitchen knife is the only major manual job. You can drink the contents of the tender coconut, wash the inside two times and then start making holes.

Step 4: Coconut Dehusker

Acts as a stand and provides a sort of connectivity with the theme.

Step 5: Submersible Pump

Only bought out item from Amazon India. Cost INR 500/-

Step 6: Overview of All Items

A rubber tubing of 3.5 feet long to suit the pump is required.

Also the blue plastic bowls with a 2inch hole supports the ornamental stand and glass bowls.

Water flowing into this bowls gets drained into the green tub.

Glass bowls can be stacked as per the image. A 'Borosil' both end open Glass 4.25" dia x4.5" ht is used

to support. Drops of silicone glue can hold the glass items together.

Step 7: Final Assembly of Parts and in Operation

Trust you will appreciate the project for its simplicity and concept.