Introduction: Cool Tennis Ball Mouth

How to take an old tennis ball and turn it into a small little holder for almost anything. 

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1 Tennis Ball
1 Box Cutter
1 Tube of Glue (Tacky Glue Works Best)
1 Sharp Pointed Object (Knitting Needle Works Well)
1 Small Suction Cup
2 Google Eyes 

Step 2: Cut Mouth

Poke two holes for the corners of the mouth using the pointed object, the smaller the better for this part, you don't want them to be two noticeable. Insert the box cutter into one of the holes and cut the tennis ball hole to hole. Be careful and try to make the line as smooth and straight as possible. 

Step 3: Make Hole for Suction Cup

Use your pointed object to poke a hole on the other side of the tennis ball, this is how it will stick to things. The bigger the object the better this time. Use the box cutter to finish out the edges and make the hole about the same size as the suction cup.

Step 4: Place in Suction Cup

Put glue around the top and side of the suction cup. Suction sups vary a lot so use your judgement to see how yours will fit. Glue it in and it is best to wait at least an hour, applying light pressure. 

Step 5: Add Eyes

Put a dab of glue on each of the google eyes and space them evenly apart, a little wider than the edges of the mouth. Wait another hour and thats all. 

Step 6: Uses