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This is a game I thought of while playing tennis with my brother.  It was a blast and we  had lots of laughs.

Step 1: To Get Started...

 To start, you make a list of all the different tennis shots you can think of (ex. forehand, backhand, serve, forehand and backhand volleys, etc.).  Next, you and your opponent take turns choosing one shot from the list and then crossing that shot out so it won't be repeated.  When all the shots have been chosen you can start playing.

Step 2: Playing

To play, you use regular tennis rules Except for now you can only use the shots that you picked. So let's say that it is your turn to serve but you didn't pick serve as one of your shots. You now have to make do with a forehand instead.

Step 3: Mix It Up

After each game you can have the winner trade one of their shots for one of the loser's or the other way around. You can have the loser give one of their shots to the winner and the person who runs out of shots first loses the match.

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    6 years ago

    Great idea. Similar to tennis academies, players are taught to focus on their strengths when they play. Such as striving to hit 80 percent forehands over the course of the match if that happens to be a strength for the player. In our junior academy we ask our players what they want to work on and ensure when points are being played out there are rules in place to promote what was practiced. Keep up the good work. Cheers! Randy Reynolds


    8 years ago

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