Introduction: Tennis Ball Stereo (TBS)

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A mono stereo made out of an old mini radio, a tennis ball and some 99 cent headphones , bye the way this is my first instructable so sorry if it sucks. Sorry for the fuzzy pics.

Step 1: Materials


Head phones
A tennis ball
a speaker about the size of a tennisball


Hot glue gun
a very sharp knife
soldering iron

Step 2: 1. Cut the Tennisball in Half

this is pretty obvious, just take the knife and cut the ball in half

Step 3: Stereo Part

take the 99 cent head phones and cut off the speaker part. then strip the two ends about a centimeter from the top. Solder one end to the plus side an one to the negative side.

Step 4: Glue the Speaker Into Case.

simple as that, now you have a mono stereo out of a tennis ball good job!