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Introduction: Thai Sticky Rice

Do you love making foreign foods? How about food from Southeast Asia? If you have ever been to Thailand or Laos, you are sure to remember Sticky Rice (sometimes called sweet rice). This delectable food as simple to make, very filling, and extremely delicious. It can be eaten with fried chicken or a variety of other Thai dishes. The total time involved is 15 min, but you have to start several hours before you want to eat it. These instructions include 9 simple steps with helpful tips and pictures to guide you along.

Equipment that you need

  • 1 large bowl
  • 3/4 c. of dry sticky rice per person (also known as sweet rice)
  • One pot for steaming (can be found at local Asian food markets)
  • One basket for steaming (can be found at local Asian food markets)
  • A cup measurer
  • A stove
  • 1 Fork
  • 1 hot Pad

Step 1: Measure Dry Rice Into the Bowl

  • Use 3/4 cups of dry rice per person for one meal.

Step 2: Fill the Bowl With Water

  • Note - The amount of water does not need to be precise, but it does need to be much greater than the rice that was measured in. See picture above.

    Step 3: Let the Rice Soak in the Water for About 4 Hours

    • Note -
      The rice may soak for as many as 24 hours and as few as 1.5 hours

    Step 4: When the Rice Has Soaked Sufficiently, Set the Pot on the Stove With the Basket Situated Like It Is in the Picture Below.

    • Pour the rice and the water from the bowl into the basket – the water will drain through the basket into the pot.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE! - Check to make sure that the bottom of the basket not touching the water – if it is, your sticky rice will turn mushy.

    Step 5: Pour the Rice and the Water From the Bowl Into the Basket – the Water Will Drain Through the Basket Into the Pot.

    • IMPORTANT NOTE! - Check to make sure that the bottom of the basket not touching the water – if it is, your sticky rice will turn mushy.

    Step 6: Place a Plate That Fits Inside of the Basket Upside Down Over the Rice to Hold in the Steam. See Picture Below.

    Step 7: Turn the Heat on to High and Wait

    • IMPORTANT NOTE! – The time it takes your rice to cook will be largely dependent on the amount of rice you are cooking, how much water you used, and how hot your particular stove gets.

    Step 8: How to Know If the Rice Is Done

    • When the rice is ready you will start to be able to smell it.
    • CAUTION! – You may burn yourself if you do not follow steps (c) through (e) carefully. You can check by using a fork and a hot pad.
    • Put the fork under the edge of the plate until you can grab the edge of the plate with the hot pad, then remove the plate. See picture above.
    • Remove the pot and basket from the heat and let the rice cool for approximately two minutes. At this point the rice should stick to itself – squish it around with the fork to see if it sticks to itself.
    • If the rice is very sticky, then it is done. If it doesn’t stick together, replace the plate and return the pot to the heat.

    Step 9: Let the Rice Cool and Enjoy!

    • When the rice is sticking to itself, it is ready to be eaten.
    • Sticky rice is usually eaten with chicken, beef, or pork and Mae Ploy Chicken Dipping Sauce.

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      7 years ago

      Very good. I am Thai. I have a suggestion for make sticky rice to softly. Keep the warter use for soak When the sticky rice almost done, spray the soak water to sticky rice and shake the basket for bring the rice in the bottom to top. Spray water again. Wait sticy rice done. Enjoy


      7 years ago on Introduction

      Excellent instructions! I love me some sticky rice. Thanks for posting this!