Introduction: Thanksgiving Candy Turkey

Making this candy turkey will give your Thanksgiving table a fun, festive pop of creativity! It is very simple to create and should only take about 3 minutes each! Making this candy turkey is so simple and fun involving the kids is recommended!

Step 1: What You Will Need:

Double stuffed Oreos

Mini peanut butter cups

Candy Corn


Chocolate frosting

Yellow frosting

Red frosting (optional)


Step 2: Chocolate Piping

1. Pipe chocolate frosting around half the edge of an Oreo.

(Tip- Make sure not to do it too thick but not too thin either. Just enough that the chocolate frosting is almost out of the edge of the Oreo.)

Step 3: Creating Feathers

1. Push 5 pieces of candy corn (white tip down) into the frosted ridge of the Oreo.

-They should stick about 1/4th of the way in.

-Make them close but not too close

- About half of the Oreo should be covered.

Step 4: Attaching the Base

1. Put chocolate frosting on another Oreo.

- Pipe the frosting on the edge of the flat side of the Oreo.

- About 2 pea sized amounts will secure the other Oreo.

2. Now attach the candy corn spiked Oreo so they make an L-shape.

-The candy corn spiked Oreo should have the candy corns at the top (these are the feathers of the turkey).

Step 5: Body of the Turkey

1.Cut a small sliver off the edge of a peanut butter cup so it can lay flat on its side.

(Warning- be careful with the knife. It could cause injury if you cut yourself.)

- This doesn't have to be a perfect slice because it will be secured with frosting.

2. Add more frosting to the cut end of the peanut butter cup and the top then attach it to the corner of the L-shaped Oreos.

- It should fit in a little snuggly.

Step 6: Head of the Turkey

1. Put more frosting on the sides of a Whopper

2. Attach it to the top of the peanut butter cup and the side of the candy corn filled Oreo.

- This makes the head of the turkey!

Step 7: Creating the Beak

1. Break off the white tip of a piece of candy corn.

- Leaving just a little bit of orange on it won't make a difference.

- It will just add more festive colors.

2. With yellow frosting put the white tip of a candy corn onto the front of the whopper as the beak of the turkey.

- This should be in the middle of the Whopper and facing forward.

Step 8: Piping the Eyes and Feet

1. With the yellow frosting pipe on two dots for eyes, above the beak.

2. Then at the edge of the peanut butter cup draw yellow feet on the Oreo.

Step 9: Creating the Snood

1. If you want, use the red frosting to draw on a snood between the bottom of the beak and the top of the peanut butter cup.

- This can be as large or small as you would like

(tip- The larger the snood is the more festive the turkey looks)