Introduction: The Ace Plane

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This is the Ace plane! I hope you will enjoy making this awesome plane! It comes with a loop so when you throw it, it goes in a loop!



And that's it

Step 1: Fold

Fold in triangle, and leave 2 1/2 inches of space.

Step 2: Fold

Fold another triangle down, leaving about 2 centimeters.

Step 3: Fold

Fold another triangle, and fold it down to the first fold.

Step 4: Fold

Fold in half, and make sure all folds are folded firmly.

Step 5: Fold

Make folds in the wings, each about 2 cm long.

Step 6: Rip (Optional)

Make a small rip in the back of the plane. This step is optional, but if you do this, it will make the plane go in a loop! You can also put in down if you don't want it to.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Now you have an easy-to-make, awesome plane to show off to your friends or family!

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