Introduction: The Apples Game

Memory, as we know, is a tool of fundamental importance. We make precious use of it all day long, since our birth, in a way that is now taken for granted: a foregone example of everyday life is to think that products are lacking at home and therefore we go out shopping with the necessary things in mind. We need to make calculations and we need to remember formulas, properties or simple tables. A capacity so essential in our everyday routines must therefore be trained. There are numerous games and resources that help us in this regard which are easily available to us, but these exercises can be quite complicated for some people. And it is here that we want to focus on, we aim to create a new way for people with mental disabilities that will train their memory and their cognitive abilities, thus making everything easier and more immediate by giving to our protagonists the pleasure of playing and having fun.

Step 1: The Apples and the Makey Makey

Step 2: Program