Introduction: The Bee Hotel

The Bee Hotel is the entrance to the observation bee hive at my apiary. The Bee Hotel is mounted to the outside of the barn, and is connected to the hive through the barn with a vinyl tubing. The observation hive allows kids of all ages to see the inside workings of a bee hive without the fear of being stung. It is a major attraction at our apiary.


  • 3D printer. I use a Creality 3D Ender Pro
  • Multiple colors of PLA filament
  • CA Glue, thick
  • Spray paint, if you need to change the colors of your hotel
  • Clamps, to hold pieces when CA glue is drying
  • I used TinkerCad to make the files, and Cura 4.5 to slice them

Step 1: Hotel Front

The front of the hotel features 3 windows and double doors, which are open. The windows have awnings over the upper story, and a sill on the lower level. The front and left side of the hotel have a wrap-around porch with railings. The porch is accessed with 3 steps. For whimsy, there is a spring rocking horse on the front lawn.

Step 2: Hotel Back

The back features the opening used to attach the tubing to the observation hive. You can also see the roof in 2 parts, and the chimney.

Step 3: Hotel Right Side

The right side features a walk-up ice cream window. It is another entrance into the hotel for the bees. The porch is visible, with pilings under it to support it. Visible is also a spacer foundation for the house that allows it to be flush with the porch. The roof is in 2 pieces, and mimic clay tiles.

Step 4: Hotel Left Side

The left side features a window and a door. The porch is a wrap-around from the front, and is covered with the roof. The railing is a split rail. The door has 3 windows, and also features a mail slot. The chimney is another feature that lets bees know there is a warm fireplace inside to welcome them further.

Step 5: Our Apiary Sign

Our trademarked logo adorns our apiary sign. We are a small start-up company hoping to grow big!

Visit us on Facebook, and also our web page at

Step 6: Observation Hive

Sorry, it's sideways.

A photo of inside our barn showing the observation hive. You can see the vinyl tubing entryway at the bottom left of the hive.

Step 7: .stl Files

These are the files I used.

All of the files were made in TinkerCad, and sliced with Cura 4.5

The Sylvanian Rocking horse is from aggelos at

Step 8: Barn Location

Sorry again for the sideway picture of the Bee Hotel mounted on the barn

Step 9: Enjoy!

The goal of this project was to give the bees a landmark while coming back to the observation hive. The bees are becoming endangered, and any educational tool is another step in helping them survive.

I hope you have enjoyed my project!

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