Introduction: The Best Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino

A cup of ice

1 cup strong coffee – cold

1 cup milk

6 tablespoon chocolate syrup

4 tablespoons of sugar

whipped cream

Step 1: First, Add the Ice to the Blender

Step 2: Then Add 1 Cup of Coffee

Step 3: 1 Cup Milk, Add 1/2-1 Cup Whip Cream (optional-but It's Better!😆)

Step 4: 3 Tablespoons Chocolate Syrup, 2 Tablespoons Sugar

Step 5: Pulse and Blend Until Thoroughly Blended (about 30 Seconds)

Step 6: Pour in Cup and Top It With Whipped Cream (optional). This Is Awesome, My Sister's Were Amazed!

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