The Best Tortilla Sandwich!

Introduction: The Best Tortilla Sandwich!

Do you like tortillas?

Would you like to eat a very delicious tortilla sandwich?!

You are in the right place!


Sandwich Ingredients (All are optional you can use what you like and what is available):

-1 Tortilla (with multi grains)

-2 Boiled eggs

-2 Fried hot dogs

-Grated Cheddar Cheese

-1 Tomato

-1/2 Carrot

-1/2 Cucumber

-Black Olives

-Bell Pepper



Step 1: Bake the Tortilla

We need to bake the tortillas to have a crisp taste and to let it have a taco shape.

To bake the tortilla you need to place it as shown in the picture on a oven grid or any other object, the most important thing is its shape.

Step 2: Place All the Ingredients!

Now comes the fun part!!

Its time to put it all together!

Put all the ingredients into the baked tortilla as you like!

You can create a fun shape like I did!

This step is all yours!!

Step 3: Your Done!

Congratulations you have completed your delicious tortilla sandwich!

Hope you had fun and enjoyed making this sandwich!

I would be very happy if you made this sandwich and shared your sandwich with me!

Thank you!

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