Introduction: The Best Tortillla Wrap ( 8 Steps)

Today, you will have the best Tortilla wrap in history, (don't fact check that and don't quote me on that either ha) it has the best meat to cheese ratio ever, and it is just very, very good.


-Tortilla of any kind

-Mustard -Cheddar Cheese slice -2 Roast Beef slices -Plate -Some sort of folding/rolling skill

Step 1: First and Second Steps

Grab your tortilla, your plate, and your mustard, put the plate on the counter, and lay the tortilla out, second, grab the mustard and squirt out half of a teaspoon, to 3/4 of a teaspoon.

Step 2: Third and Fourth Steps

Next, get your Mayo out, and get about the same, if not a bit less amount of mayo, on your spoon, next spread the mayo, and the mustard around evenly across the entire top of the tortilla, and once you done that you should have a yellow-white paste on the top of your tortilla.

Step 3: Fifth and Sixth Steps

Once you have the Mayo and the mustard spread out evenly, now is time for your meat of choice, mine is preferably Roast Beef slices.

Choose one side, and put your two slices of beef folded up so it is 3/4 as wide as they were originally, next, crack your cheese up in a bunch of different ways, and places, and put it in an orderly form like I have here.

Step 4: Seventh and Eighth Steps

Finally fold your tortilla up about 3/8ths of the way across like mine, next fold it so the last fold's leading edge, is now in the back of the new fold, and do that again with the second leading edge. And there you go the Best Tortilla Wrap EVER!