The Best of K'NEX Bullpups (Mechanisms and All)



  • The Bullpup mechanism (which is defined as: "Bullpups are firearm configurations in which both the action and magazine are located behind the trigger...") (mech) is relatively new to K'NEX guns on instructables. I have (and always will be) a fan of Bullpup firearms. Anything from the TAR-21 to the P90 I enjoy. I just like how the guns feel, how they work, what they look like. So, seeing how I look the type of firearm so much, I decided to make a guide to show you the best (in my opinion, of course) of K'NEX Bullpups, mechs and all.

    First off is a Bullpup gun that gets range that I have yet to see rivaled in a "simple pin gun." It is (as some might have guessed) the SABR (Sharir1701's Amazing Bullpup Rifle). The reason this gun caught my eye was the fact that Sharir1701 got it to shoot 136 feet. You will never see that, ESPECIALLY in a Bullpup rifle. He did a great job designing it, although, it must be admitted, it is not altogether too pretty (this matters to me since I am a looks guy). =D

    Next up is a gun that has a fantastic mechanism. Not only does this gun look great, but you don't have to pull the mag out, the mech allows you to just push the trigger to drop the mag. I'm talking about the Knex bullpup mag release internal photos created by dr. richtofen. This gun struck me as amazing, because you might never again see an idea like this. Nice job bro.

    This next gun is one than I have wanted to duplicate since I saw it. Not only is a Bullpup pistol, it is also Bolt-Action, which is pretty sweet. And as if that was not enough, his was smaller than any Bullpup I have ever seen before. Give it up to the Knex BBAP (Bull-pup Bolt-action Assualt Pistol) created by Raz1r Knex Bull3t. This gun features a new type of magazine and a "over-the-top" Bullpup mech. Love it!

    Now, this last "award" was gonna go to my RBBR, because this last award is for looks. But, it is said that no man is a good judge of his own character, so I decided that instead of giving my self a pat on the back and "awarding" myself "Best looking K'NEX Bullpup of the Year" I decided to give it to someone who really deserves it. Give a round (no pun intended) of applause to Blue Mullet 2's TAR-21! I don't even need to say anything about this gun. It is really just awesome.

    So there you have it, "folks." This is my first Guide, and seeing as I have the position that I do in the K'NEX community, I think you can all agree with me that I have made the right choices.

    -The Red Book of Westmarch