Introduction: Knex BBAP (Bull-pup Bolt-action Assault Pistol)

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Here is one of my latest creations, the BBAP. One of the number one reasons I built this gun was because of Sharir's bolt-action pistol. *Credit to him for the handle BTW.* I wanted to build an equally amazing gun compared to his without all of the cut parts required for his gun, and yes, I know, some of those parts that were cut for his gun could be substituted. As I got further along in my building process, I decided that I should make the gun bull pup for innovation reasons. After days of hard work I finally got the gun to work flawlessly. Yes, this gun is true bolt-action, and no more worrying of pulling the ram and bolt out of the gun, I have a ram lock so that problem never happens. And depending on the feedback I get for this gun, I may actually post it or get some internal pics, it depends. Now for the pros and cons:

Pretty good range (50-60ft)
Firing pin lock
Removable mag
Decent Looks (In my opinion)
Decent sights (In my opinion)
Structurally strong and well-built
Internal mag pusher

Has 13 cut parts, but 10 can be substituted.   

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