Introduction: The BugOut Hoodie

This instructable will describe the basic concept for the BugOut hoodie.

It's designed for the Betabrand competition and created with Autodesk SketchBookPro.

If you have any questions comments or concerns by all means leave a message in the comment section below and I will gladly answer them.

A PDF containing SketchBookPro hotkeys can be found here.

Step 1: The Design [Overview]

  • The BugOut Hoodie was designed with heavy woods exploration in mind. 
  • What sets it apart from other hoodies is the the mesh face mask that's integrated with the hood part of the hoodie.
  • There would be mesh like fabric sewn under the armpits so the wearer would stay cool.
  • The front zipper would extend to where the front pocket is and the fabric of the front pocket would be apart of the inner dump pocket.
  • There would be two other inner pockets that are sewn to where the front zipper and side sew lines are so it wouldn't be noticeable.
  • Pull-ties would ensure the hood is snug and secure.
  • The back of the hoodie would have a large pouch that the wearer can use as a light backpack if they wanted and would be secured with velcro.
  • The hoodie would also have thumb holes

There are 12 pieces of fabric involved in the building of this hoodie which I will describe throughout this instructable. I am no seamstress so I will do my best in describing each component of the hoodie to a degree where it would be easy from someone who does create clothing to know what the hell it is I'm talking about.

I've attached a layered version of the design and encourage you to download it pick it apart and explore it.

It's a PSD file, and only of the front of the hoodie, but can be opened easily with SketchBookPro by dragging and dropping it in the programs icon, if your a Mac user.

Step 2: The Design [Front Pouch]

The front of the BugOut Hoodie has a front pocket whose same section of fabric is use as an inner pocket as well.

This is accomplished by sewing the front pocket panel to the main torso fabric section shown in the diagram. 

Step 3: The Design [Inner Upper Pockets]

There are two other inner pockets that are assessable when the front zipper is pulled down.

They'd be sewn to the where the zipper, upper sew line of the front hand pocket and the sides of the hoodie are as to limit the amount of sew lines visible.

Step 4: The Design [Face Mesh Mask]

The BugOut Hoodie would come with a built in face mask sewn around the rim of the hood in order to keep bugs away from the wearer. It wouldn't be noticeable when the user wasn't wearing it because it would have the same dimensions as the hood itself. It could be designed with or without the Betabrand logo and could use the same mesh material that's used in the underarm section so the cost of materials is less. 

Step 5: The Design [Back]

The back of the BugOut Hoodie would be designed with a back pouch held in place with sewn in velcro. It would allow the wearer of the hoodie the ability to store items in the pouch if the need arises.

Step 6: Different Color Schemes

Here are some potential color schemes for the BugOut hoodie. 

The hoodie itself should be made out of a hemp, cotton blend.

Step 7: The Design Process

I've embedded the making of the BugOut Hoodie , you can also check out my 8tracks.

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