Introduction: The C# Sandwich

About: Hi, I am an electrical engineering student, who likes to take old things and make something new from them.

Hello! today I will be showing how to make the C# sandwich. A quick explanation of the name: C# is a programing language, and when I am programing I am usually very hungry, but don't have much time to make a sandwich. that is why i created the C# sandwich it is quick and easy to make but is really tasty. Note: If you don't like cheese at all, this is not the sandwich for you. It is still good if you only like a few cheeses like me.


1. As many cheeses you can find that you like. Example: Gouda, Swiss, Mozzarella, etc.

2. Roast beef (if you don't have this, Bacon will work )

3. Pepperoni (or any thinly sliced meat, such as ham)

4. Two slices of a bread you like (I use a plain or sesame bagel)

Step 1: First Slice

In this step we will start the first slice. If you have any spreadable cheeses, spread the onto the inside of one slice of bread, then put about half of the cheeses you have gathered onto the spreadable cheese so they stick to the bread slice.

Step 2: Second Slice

By now you should have about half of your cheeses left and your meats. Take your meats and apply them to the first slice, then place the rest of your cheeses on top of the meats, and place your second slice of bread on top.

Step 3: Enjoy!

You now have a finished (very tasty) sandwich. Feel free to experiment with different cheeses, breads, and maybe even try some other spreads like jam. This sandwich was not made to be gourmet, but rather as a quick and tasty sandwich for lunch. Eat away!

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