The C3.2 Lego Crossbow-Rocket Launcher

Introduction: The C3.2 Lego Crossbow-Rocket Launcher

The C3.2 is the second specialist mod I've made of the C3. The C3.2 is a crossbow-rocket launcher, meaning that it's basically a crossbow that shoots my X2 rocket projectile, instead of much smaller bricks. Probably my strongest gun to date, it shoots the rockets to about 35 feet (albeit not very accurately at that distance). At 15 feet, it can penetrate cardboard, such as a cardboard box. It can also break glass + CDs. This is what I did to mod this gun:

-Raised the outer parts of the firing runway, so that the rocket will stay inside the crossbow until firing.
-Raised the RB holders
-Raised the firing gear
-Changed the trigger to make up for the higher firing gear
-Changed the sight (higher, and easier to use)
-Took off the stock (stock isn't necessary for a rocket launcher)

Unlike the C3.1 mod, to build this gun, ALL THE STEPS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS INSTRUCTABLE.

Step 1: Bottom Part 1+ Firing Trigger

This is the back half of the bottom (which is the handle and the part which supports the trigger), and the firing trigger.

Step 2: Bottom Part 2

This is the front part of the bottom.

Step 3: Bottom Part 3

This finishes the bottom part.

Step 4: Firing Gear + Building Up the Back

Here we make the firing gear (where the rbs are held until they are fired), and adding on parts of the back.

Step 5: Sight + More Back Stuff + Handhold

This is the sight at the back of the crossbow-rocket launcher, as well as adding a few pieces at the back, and the front handhold.

Step 6: The Front RB Holders

This step builds the front RB holders.

Step 7: The Firing Runway+Attaching Handhold

This step completes the firing runway, and attaches all the crossbow parts.

Step 8: The X2 Rocket

This is the rocket used in the C3.2 (which is also used in the F2 and F2.1)

Step 9: RBs + Loading

the firing rubber bands, and the counterweight rbs. (4 counterweight rbs, total of 9 firing rubber bands- in 3 sets of 3 rbs tied together).

NOTE: To increase the firing power, you will need to lubricate the firing runway. Take some Vaseline or some similar product, and a q-tip, and get some vaseline on it. Spread the vaseline on the walls and bottom of the firing runway, and when finished, run the rocket down the runway multiple times, to get rid of excess (cause you only need a very small layer).

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    sweet design. did expermentation with the amo. take the tip off and it goes twice as fast. how long did it take u 2 make urs? reply at