Introduction: The CHEST Torch

In my experience, torches are impractical.

The hand torch for instance is usually only useful for jobs that require both hands. And head torches are uncomfortable, impractical and worst of all, they always fall off!

So, why not mount a torch on the chest? Have both hands free, angle it how you want, and feel comfortable whilst using it. This is an ideal solution for mountaineers, skiers, night runners, mountain bikers, and much, much more. All made possible by a cheap GoPro chest mount and some inexpensive accessories.

This is a hack I've been using for night time mountain biking for years and it never fails. Enjoy! :)


All you will need:

Step 1: Getting the Important Bits

This step is about getting the important bits from the torch.

  1. Unscrew the torch from the pivot.
  2. Cut away the head straps from the battery pack.
  3. Remove the wire from the straps.

At no point attempt to cut the wire.

Step 2: The Mounting

On the Back of the torch there is a perfectly flat surface the same size as the tripod mount. Use epoxy or your own preferred glue to fasten the mount to the torch with the slots facing up, as shown in the picture above.

At this point you must change the female connector (three slots) into a male connector (two slots.) This will allow you to screw the torch to the chest mount (female connector.) To do this I suggest a hack saw, however a knife could do the same job.

Step 3: Final Assembly

Now, just screw the torch onto the chest mount at your preferred angle and fasten the battery pack to the plate bellow. For this i used a couple of zip ties, however more glue would work. If you have a GoPro that you would like to fasten to the chest mount you can simply unscrew the torch and cut the zip ties.

I hope you have found this lesson useful! If so please consider voting for me in the wearables contest. :)

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