Introduction: The Carvewright / Compucarve Pirate Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is 8.5" x 5.5" x 5".  I used a Carvewright / Compucarve CNC machine and Designer software to create it.  Since I keep getting syntax errors while uploading my step b step instructions, I will try and be brief. The rope trim around the top and bottom is a 12ft. stick from Home Depot. The products used are Minwax (water based stains Island Water Blue and Tea Green), stainable wood filler, Elmers Sainable Wood Glue Max, Krylon Make It Stone and 18K gold leafing painat pen.  I mixed both stains with mineral spirits to achieve the seaweed look.  It is lined with deep blue felt.

I made this jewelry box for my wife for Christmas 2011.  She suffers from such severe allergies she can't even eat solid food.  Can't be around any of my woodworking.  We had found ways around this.  Since she loves the Pirates of the Carribean, I thought this would cheer her up and it did!  It should work the same for the pirate loving female in your life also.

Johnny Maniscalco

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